Environmentally Preferable Purchasing

Selecting environmentally friendly goods and services allows hospitals and healthcare facilities the opportunity to reduce costs and improve margins due to lower overhead costs, and avoid waste disposal, liability or occupational costs. It also significantly improves the impact on environmental quality and provides a healthier environment for an organization’s community, patients and staff.

Going Green in Your Healthcare Facility
Intalere has taken the lead in providing EPP educational resources to staff and members and supporting EPP through continual reviews of the Intalere portfolio for opportunities to enhance environmentally friendly product coverage to its membership. Intalere is currently offering more than 66,000 green purchasing options. Green alternatives are available in virtually all product and service areas, with environmentally friendly advantages including energy efficiency, waste reduction, mercury alternative and recycling, package efficiency, greener cleaners and recyclable or compostable products.

If organizations haven’t already done so, they should establish an EPP team at their facility from a broad spectrum of disciplines. Identifying and creating strategies to advance green initiatives will remain an important aspect of operations for the healthcare industry. By implementing environmental goals including EPP, your facility can make healthcare delivery safer for patients and the communities you serve.

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