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Intalere EM Advantage

Increase revenue by up to $30 per visit by assigning the appropriate visit level code for Emergency Department visits every time.

Intalere has partnered with 1stHealthSystems to provide EM (Emergency Medicine) Advantage, a sophisticated and quantitative methodology software tool set for assigning appropriate visit levels and managing charge assignment for all Emergency Department visits.

  • Eliminates inappropriate undervaluing of Emergency Department services = hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost annual revenue.
  • Complies with Medicare guidance for visit level determination.
  • Automates CPT coding medication administration.
  • Monitors all aspects of the charge assignment process.
  • Provides benchmarks for expected visit level distributions.
  • Assures that your organization receives the appropriate reimbursement for the services provided.

EM Advantage is a proprietary methodology to measure hospital resources required for all types of outpatient visit services. There are no upfront costs for software or training.

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