Intalere Rebate AdvantageSM

Intalere Rebate AdvantageIntalere Rebate AdvantageSM is a strategic contract management online tool which enables you to easily track and manage your rebates.

Rebates are a significant proportion of revenue for many healthcare facilities. And that is why tracking and managing rebates correctly is critically important. Surprisingly, many organizations lack an effective process with accurate supervision. Let Intalere help monitor rebates and provide you the necessary information needed to capture and claim these financial benefits.

Intalere Rebate Advantage benefits:

  • Streamline processes - Centralize all rebates into a single, automated repository. Rebates can be both local and GPO-based, with each facility potentially having different terms and conditions.
  • Enhance revenue - Calculate rebate earnings accurately and forecast financial impact to help manage cash flow and prevent loss of income.
  • Optimize sourcing - Monitor and report on purchase levels more easily and view potential savings that could be realized, if acted upon.
  • Improve efficiencies - Decrease the amount of time spent on manually tracking and calculating rebates, checking for errors and omissions, and maintaining compliance.
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