Keys to Achieving Population Health Management

One of the relatively new approaches healthcare providers are taking to fulfill the requirements of the Affordable Care Act is Population Health Management (PHM). To put it simply, this is an industry term that means healthcare providers are responsible for caring for the health outcomes of defined groups (or populations) of patients. The new models provide interventions to address patterns of morbidity and reduce costs. The focus is on minimizing chronic conditions and less episodic care. The objective is to keep everyone healthy, but to do that requires healthcare providers to pay close attention to their entire population of patients and coordinate their care. And that’s what PHM is all about – the healthcare provider utilizing the right people and right resources, including technology, to provide better organized, more personalized and proactive care to all patients.

Population Health Management White Paper

In this briefing, we will examine trends including a focus on community coalitions, narrow networks taking patients through the continuum of care and evidence-based payment models.

Also, while there are many pieces that play a role in achieving PHM, three key highlights are:

  • Risk Stratification of the High-Utilization Population
  • Technology Platform for Care Coordination
  • Patient Involvement
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