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Core GPO Offering

As part of our core GPO offerings, Intalere’s national and regional customer-focused contract portfolio of nearly 2,000 contracts, comprising 13 product categories, is the most direct and immediate route to savings by reducing costs on your purchases.

Additionally, we are very focused on fostering supply chain collaborative relationships with our members and Intermountain Healthcare. This provides access to market leading pricing for Intalere contracted categories, as well as Intermountain’s private agreements and industry leading supply chain tools.

We also recognize that supply chain is more than a portfolio of contracts, and therefore, offer a robust suite of services, technologies and solutions that enable total supply chain management. Intalere strives to be much more than the traditional GPO, offering end-to-end supply chain solutions that give customers the ability to optimize the people, processes and technology within their systems to deliver the greatest value.

Based on this philosophy, we have partnered with best-in-class organizations, allowing us the ability to provide market-leading solutions that address the large majority of our customers’ needs. Contact us now to discuss how our robust offerings will provide your organization with significant savings.