Intalere Alliances

Intalere Alliances

Intalere knows partnerships are crucial to driving success at your facility. We also know we are just one of your key partners. This is why we foster strategic alliances among members, both regionally and operationally.

Alliance members meet regularly to maximize cost reduction and improve patient care. During alliance meetings, Intalere members have the opportunity to network and analyze benchmarking data. They also share best practices and interact with key Intalere vendors. Intalere alliance members are even provided tactical support and analysis tools necessary for even greater cost-savings and revenue-generation. For example, Intalere currently works with several alliances on spend aggregation strategies and group-developed fee-for-service offerings.

Several existing Intalere alliances are listed below. Contact us today to get connected.

Eastern Alliances

Western Alliances

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Eastern Alliance Solutions  Western Alliance Solutions 
Don Smalley Radar
Senior Director 
Laura Nolan
Senior Director
  Kyle Frayne
Alliance Analyst