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Refurbished Imaging Room Option Saves Intalere Member Franklin Hospital more than 60 Percent on the Cost of New Equipment

The Challenge

In 1955, the Franklin Hospital began operation in Benton, Ill., with 115 beds. Over the years, as healthcare has changed, so too has the Franklin Hospital. Now a 25-bed Critical Access Hospital, the facility continues to make great strides to improve the quality of healthcare services offered to the small rural communities it serves.

As with many rural providers nationally, Franklin is faced with significant cost pressures, while also needing to upgrade equipment and facilities in order to provide necessary services to patients. Such was the case for Franklin’s director of imaging at the time, Dennis O’Connor, who was in need of a new radiography/fluoroscopy (R/F) room.

According to Josh Block, president of Block Imaging, the R/F room is the workhorse of the imaging line. The changes to this modality over the last decade have been minimal, though its versatility still brings tremendous value to imaging departments and free-standing imaging centers.

Besides acquiring static images on the X-ray (Radiographic) side, the most common studies performed on the fluoroscopy side are Gastrointestinal Tract Investigations, PICC line and feeding tube placement as well as arthrograms.

With capital equipment dollars limited, Franklin was exploring their options. After receiving an initial quote that was higher than expected, they reached out to their Intalere representative, who suggested they speak with Block Imaging, the premier worldwide provider of refurbished medical imaging equipment, parts and services in all modalities and manufacturers. Knowing that the average configuration for a new R/F room could be in the range of $350,000, Franklin’s imaging team decided to reach out to learn more.

The Solution

Refurbished equipment goes through extensive processes to restore it to original equipment manufacturer (OEM) standards for imaging performance as well as like-new cosmetic excellence. From decontamination, to refinishing, to parts replacement and patient-ready calibration, quality refurbished equipment is approached with care and attention to detail – ready to begin a second life serving patients in a new facility. This is an important distinction from simple used equipment, which in many cases is resold as-is, where-is and without any warranty for performance.

The use of refurbished healthcare equipment has grown significantly in the past several years as many healthcare facilities seek low-cost alternatives. An additional benefit of using refurbished equipment is that it is a proven and familiar technology, so staff acceptance and retraining needs may be minimized. There is also the possibility that it is compatible with other existing equipment, saving facilities on new supplies and accessories they might need.

Block representatives set to work assessing the needs and logistics necessary to maximize an R/F solution for Franklin Hospital. The space for the R/F room was a tight fit, but after working closely with the Franklin team, they were able to identify the best fit, not only in terms of space, but also in terms of clinical functionality, ease of service, and, of course, cost.

Throughout the project, O’Connor especially appreciated the simple, prompt and personal communication he received. “The process was much easier than I anticipated,” he said. “Everyone connected so well with what I needed out of this project.”

The Outcome

Franklin Hospital purchased a refurbished R/F Room from Block Imaging, which met all their specifications and needs, at a price 20 percent lower than their competitor’s bid. “Block’s unit was also a newer model and we received an additional TIMS (digital recording and annotation) unit valued at $17,000 at no additional cost, so the actual savings percentage was even higher,” said Danielle Weinhoffer, who took over as director of imaging at Franklin Hospital after O’Connor accepted another position at the facility.

Both were extremely pleased with the results. “From sales, to engineering to design, we were in constant communication and I always received a very prompt response,” O’Connor said. “The end result is a great room.”

Weinhoffer remains impressed as well with the continuing relationship. “I cannot say enough about their service. Really there are no words to describe how dependable and fast they are for everything that I have ever needed at any time that I have ever needed,” she said.