SUCCESS STORY | Capital Equipment Planning 

Intermountain Healthcare Partners with Intalere Supplier Attainia to Enhance Processes Around Medical Equipment Planning, Budgeting and Tracking

Intermountain Healthcare and Attainia successThe Challenge

Intermountain Healthcare is a not-for-profit health system based in Salt Lake City, Utah, with 22 hospitals and about 1,400 employed primary care and secondary care physicians at more than 185 clinics in the Intermountain Medical Group, and health insurance plans from SelectHealth and other services and partnerships.

Intermountain has been consistently recognized throughout the nation as a top hospital system, in areas including transforming healthcare, supply chain excellence and health innovation. They are a leader in the industry, consistently looking for new and better ways to achieve positive results in all facets of their clinical and business practices.

With their 22 hospitals and more than 180 clinics, healthcare equipment planning and execution is a formidable task that requires a great deal of resources, of both the human and monetary kind. Steven Isakson, equipment planner for Intermountain Healthcare, said the teams at Intermountain faced challenges not unlike many other providers in the healthcare industry, both large and small.

“Because of our size, the scale can be somewhat unique and daunting, but not unlike what all healthcare providers face to some degree,” he said. “A limited number of internal resources for planning, the time-consuming nature of hunting down cut (specification) sheets, report generation, cross project aggregation and the manual process of contract and buy opportunity identification across project data, were just a few of the things we struggled with on a daily basis.”

Facing at least “a couple dozen” projects that could be going at any one time, the Intermountain team needed a reliable, efficient resource for improving the organization’s capital equipment channels and processes.

The Solution

Working closely with its group purchasing partner Intalere, Intermountain’s equipment planning team focused efforts on identifying an optimal solution. This led to initial discussions with Attainia, which provides software for project capital planning, budgeting and routine equipment replacement. With more than $35 billion in planned capital equipment and more than 5,300 active projects on the software, Attainia has streamlined the equipment planning process for large health systems and planning agencies around the world.

According to Isakson, the Intermountain team was immediately impressed with Attainia’s project capital planning solution, PLAN, which enables organizations to create, edit and collaborate on preliminary, working and final healthcare capital equipment lists for all project types. Delivered in the cloud, PLAN provides visibility into projects for all stakeholders, building efficiencies and enabling enhanced collaboration.

Utilizing Attainia’s industry-leading catalog and software maximized efficiency and offered immediate dividends. The team found and researched capital equipment quickly, leveraged customized room or department templates, and added direct access and transparency to the organization’s capital contracts.

“The Attainia tools and resources brought the ability to do a larger number of projects in-house with the same number of FTEs (full-time employees), reducing planning costs,” said Isakson. “We also realized a reduction of time spent and errors made through increased standardization and data normalization utilizing Attainia’s PLAN application and the Attainia catalog as the primary resource for all project data.”

An additional benefit was that the tools enhanced collaboration within Intalere’s supply chain processes, bridging communication and processes between construction and purchasing. The Attainia catalog reflects and identifies Intalere’s capital contract portfolio and buys for catalog products and project items, saving time, increasing contract compliance and standardization for Intermountain, and ultimately maximizing savings opportunities.

The Outcome

According to Isakson, Intermountain has used the Attainia software on “a couple dozen” projects to this point, from small room changes to larger, multi-million dollar construction projects saving thousands of man hours and even more dollars in the process.

With access to nearly 1,400 Attainia room templates, made available through the PLAN application, initial budgeting accuracy has improved for new projects as well as the reduction in time to create initial construction docs. Intermountain initially used Attainia’s templates as a guide, and has also developed several of their own, that can be easily shared and replicated. “Every time we start a new project, we are not recreating the wheel and starting from scratch, so to speak,” he said.

More members of the capital equipment team at Intermountain are currently being trained on the software. “It really brings the planning and budgeting process to another level in terms of establishing and tracking [equipment],” Isakson shared. “With tools like this, we now have the power. We are better able to estimate and plan. It ultimately makes you better at your job.”