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Small Hospital with Big ED Volume Turns to Intalere Supplier Nielsen for High-Caliber Interim Leader

Nielsen Pocono Success StoryThe Challenge

For an idea of just how busy Pocono Medical Center’s Emergency Department (ED) is, consider that this 235-bed community hospital almost made the Becker’s Hospital Review list of the 50 busiest hospital EDs in the country. At about 80,000 patient visits per year, Pocono’s number was just shy of the No. 50 hospital’s 81,700 ED visits.

With that type of volume, Lynn Lansdowne, vice president of human resources and chief administrative officer at Pocono, in East Stroudsburg, Pa., faced some very difficult challenges when the facility found itself in need of an interim ED director.

“We needed a couple of things,” said Lansdowne. “We needed someone who had managed a large emergency room with a trauma program and has had experience in initiating improvement.”

Specifically, Lansdowne needed a candidate who was a master’s prepared R.N. with strong management experience, including a high focus on quality of care, patient safety and satisfaction, and ED flow.

The Solution

As Pocono and Lansdowne had done several times in the past, they turned to Nielsen Healthcare Group (NHG) with a specific list of qualifications. NHG is a St. Louis-based company which has placed interim leaders with hospitals, home health agencies, nursing care facilities, medical groups, and other healthcare facilities since 1991.

Nielsen took Lansdowne’s request and searched its unmatched database of 18,000 candidates who have submitted resumes with wide and deep experience in outpatient, inpatient, clinical and non-clinical experience..

The Outcome

Nine days after Pocono made the call to NHG, a Nielsen referral started as the interim ED director. After two months on the job, Pocono offered him the position on a permanent basis and he accepted.

Lansdowne described NHG’s referral as a “stellar” candidate who understands the business of healthcare management, so there wasn’t a lot of training required to bring him up to speed.

Pocono has called on NHG more than a dozen other times in the last 15 years, and has come to rely on the interim healthcare leadership company because of its vast database of quality candidates. Lansdowne says she likes the way her requests are always handled expeditiously.

“We always meet clients’ hiring criteria and quite often exceed them,” said NHG CEO Bruce Nielsen. “Because of our high standards and close attention to clients’ needs, our successful candidates often start contributing to an organization’s success their first week on the job.”

NHG also saves clients time and money by assuming some of the due diligence and vetting that would normally be done by Lansdowne and her HR colleagues. NHG verifies a candidate’s education, licenses, registrations and certifications, and checks for any sanctions from the Department of Health and Human Services, Office of the Inspector General.

Nielsen and his team also ensure that all candidates presented for a client’s consideration have recently served elsewhere in the requested position and possess a minimum of three relevant, written managerial or professional references.

Once a client chooses a candidate, NHG steps aside to let candidates and clients negotiate salary and other details.

As elsewhere in the country, NHG has a strong presence in Pennsylvania. As an Intalere supplier, NHG offers a 10 percent discount on its fees to Intalere members.