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Intalere and Office Depot, Inc. Help Small Business Expand, Provide Immunizations to Thousands of School Children in South

Immunizations Solutions

The Challenge

In 2012, HNH Immunizations was a small business based in rural Union Springs, Alabama, that was trying to grow its service of providing immunizations to families in Union Springs and the surrounding area. That year they had just been awarded the state of Alabama contract to administer immunizations at public schools throughout the state. Being non-grant driven, the company had to be as lean and efficient as possible to be sustainable.

As new Intalere members, Ben Main, CEO, and Liberty Duke, COO, of HNH, attended the healthcare solutions organization’s Member Conference to explore solutions that could help them achieve their goals. One of the first stops they made on the exhibit floor was the Office Depot booth.
“HNH was looking for assistance in putting their school immunization program together and initially needed supplies, print and marketing materials,” said Larry Reinker, national account manager, business solutions division for Office Depot, Inc.

"They were aware of our retail stores, but not of our business contract division or the supplies and services we offer through Intalere,” said Reinker. Main, Duke and Reinker spoke extensively on the conference floor, going over print capabilities and marketing ideas Office Depot representatives had seen other customers use successfully. Main and Duke were impressed by the possibilities, so Office Depot committed to having their local account manager reach out to HNH’s officers when they returned to their home base in Alabama.

The Solution

HNH immediately set to work with the local Office Depot business solutions division account manager in their area, Lori Burns, to build a marketing campaign which included mailings, fliers and onsite brochures, as well as a small gift for each child receiving an immunization.

“Although we were very new and learning on the go, Office Depot treated us as if we were the biggest customer they had,” said Duke. “They really moved mountains for us. Not just in terms of printing needs, but also helped brand our products, which made the company look big, professional and established.”

As HNH’s needs grew, Office Depot was able to accommodate them in areas such as shipping, storage and logistics, and even medical needs for the immunization clinics, including needles, adhesive bandages and sharps containers.

“Every detail was handled, which allowed us to focus on vaccinations and helping kids,” said Duke.

As HNH’s business began to expand further, they found that Intalere could assist them in keeping costs low in many more product and service areas. “Intalere touches virtually everything we do,” said Duke, sharing that they used products and services from the company’s expansive portfolio for everything from vaccines to phone services and even rental cars. “It is really a case of continuing education,” said Duke. “When it comes to Intalere, our objective is to find one more piece or solution that makes us a little better.” Through the latest Intalere contract solutions, HNH was able to utilize an agreement for packaging and logistics in relations to vaccines.

The Outcome

The program HNH implemented has been recognized at the national level and they were recently awarded a 24-state contract to administer immunizations at public schools. In only two years they were able to go from operating primarily in one state to having agreements in 25 states. A 2014 study by Auburn University found that the HNH Immunizations program saved working families in Alabama more than $11.6 million.

“Ben and Liberty came by the Office Depot booth at the Intalere Member Conference in 2014 to tell us how quickly they have expanded and thanked us for our guidance and vision, which has helped them grow exponentially over the last 24 months,” said Reinker. “HNH anticipate that their involvement with us through our Intalere contract will grow even more in 2014 and 2015.”
For her part, Duke is extremely grateful for not only the incredible work of Office Depot, but also Intalere as a whole and all of the participating vendors. “The network Intalere provides is amazing,” she said. “We couldn’t do what we do without Intalere contracts."