Illuminated Path, Intalere Podcast Series

Illuminated Path Podcast Series

End-to-End Supply Chain Management, Part 1 | Episode 4 | Listen Here

Guest: Julius Heil, President and Chief Executive Officer of Intalere

In this episode of Illuminated Path, host Lori Pilla begins part one of a two-part interview with guest Julius Heil, president and chief executive officer of Intalere. They discuss end-to-end supply chain management and the need for healthcare providers to build a comprehensive supply chain strategy. Heil shares his 30 years of experience – advising organizations in areas including digital technology, analytics, automation, operations, supply chain strategy and global strategic sourcing/procurement – and advocates on the need to bring efficiency to the healthcare supply chain. They discuss several critical measures on implementing supply chain strategies and how it can result in huge opportunities for improvement and savings.