Illuminated Path, Intalere Podcast Series

Illuminated Path Podcast Series

Shared Decision-Making in Your Supply Chain | Episode 2 | Listen Here

In this episode of Illuminated Path, host Lori Pilla welcomes guest Kreg Koford, associate vice president of strategic sourcing and solutions within Intermountain Healthcare in Salt Lake City, Utah. Their conversation is centered on the strategic role of supply chain in healthcare and how shared decision-making can help make a collaborative, data-driven process more efficient. Koford shares the steps his team at Intermountain Healthcare took in setting the foundation for the process of shared decision-making to integrate with the clinical teams. They also discuss how clinical data, technology tools and supplier partners can help support the shared decisions-making process. At the conclusion, Koford shares some of his lessons learned on creating an efficient and effective supply chain to ensure patients are receiving the best possible care at the lowest appropriate price.