Illuminated Path, Intalere Podcast Series

Illuminated Path Podcast Series

Using Value Analysis Processes, Health Economics and Big Data to Create Value for Organizations | Episode 3 | Listen Here

Guest: Bob Yokl, Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, SVAH Solutions

In this episode of Illuminated Path, host Lori Pilla welcomes guest Bob Yokl, senior vice president and chief operating officer of SVAH Solutions. They discuss how healthcare organizations can maximize profits and efficiencies within the supply chain through value analysis, as well as methods and trends in big data that create value for all healthcare organizations. Yokl shares his six-step value analysis system and common mistakes that value analysis teams tend to make in performing these functions. They also discuss the need for robust tools and databases as well as the challenge of physician engagement. At the conclusion, Yokl shares his thoughts on the training and mentoring that is necessary to make results happen in the healthcare supply chain.