Sponsored Publications

Sponsored Publications

Intalere is a proud sponsor of industry studies and publications.

Intalere Sponsors HFM Magazine 2012 Salary Survey

Salaries are edging higher, but this survey on management compensation in health care finds some cautionary signs.
July 2012
Health Facilities Management


Data Standards in the Supply Chain

Intalere sponsored the June 2012 Hospitals & Health Networks supplement “Data Standards in the Supply Chain.”
June 2012
Hospitals & Health Networks (H&HN)


Intalere Sponsors HFM Magazine 2011 Energy Management Survey

Survey finds facilities making progress, but still missing some opportunities.

July 2011
Health Facilities Management


Flu Survey Finds Mixed Results on Preparedness - Ready or Not?

Intalere Sponsors Hospital Influenza Prevention Survey in Materials Management in Health Care (MMHC) Magazine?For years now, hospitals have been bracing for the possibility of an influenza pandemic and readying communication, immunization, materials management, infection control and prevention, staffing and other plans. And even though the second wave of H1N1 influenza virus that crested during this past winter’s flu season wasn’t as dire as some had forecast, it tested many aspects of hospitals’ emergency preparedness plans. This survey, sponsored by Intalere, offers insight into how hospitals fared.

June 2010
Materials Management in Health Care


Leaders and Values in Uncertain Times

Intalere Sponsors H&HN Report on Values Driven Leadership in Healthcare ?As part of its continuing efforts to advance topical issues important to today’s healthcare leaders, Intalere sponsored a special report in the October issue of Hospitals and Health Networks (H&HN) magazine, Leaders and Values in Uncertain Times. The report examines how, in our difficult economic environment, facilities draw upon their mission, vision and values to achieve organizational goals, first by communicating to employees a desired outcome and then by developing a set of behavioral expectations to achieve that goal.

October 2009
Hospitals & Health Networks


Leveraging Supply Chain Leadership - Building Organizational Advantage in Challenging Times

Intalere Sponsors AHRMM White Paper on Leveraging Supply Chain Leadership?The Association for Healthcare Resource & Materials Management (AHRMM), has released a white paper, “Leveraging Supply Chain Leadership: Building Organizational Advantage in Challenging Times,” outlining a broad range of strategic opportunities and challenges confronting today’s supply chain leaders. The white paper was written as a result of the first AHRMM Healthcare Supply Chain Thought Leader Roundtable sponsored by Intalere. The report provides an overview of professional growth and development available to supply chain professionals. It lays the groundwork for leveraging the supply chain leadership, seizing strategic solutions and building sustainable organizational advantages that are needed in today’s demanding environment.

November 2009


Thomson Reuters’ 100 Top Hospitals

Intalere Sponsors the 2009 100 Top Hospitals issue of Modern Healthcare magazine?One of the most respected barometers of reaching goals and achieving success in healthcare is the annual Thomson Reuters’ 100 Top Hospitals study, which examines changing performance levels in U.S. hospitals and objectively identifies 100 benchmark hospitals based on their overall organizational performance.

August 2009
Modern Healthcare


Hospitals in Pursuit of Excellence

Intalere Sponsors Resources for Hospital Leaders?The April 2009 edition of Hospitals & Health Networks (H&HN) features a CD-ROM with the full text of Hospitals in Pursuit of Excellence: A Guide to Superior Performance Improvement. This guide contains case studies of hospitals and health systems. Intalere sponsored the CD-ROM to help launch a series of resources for hospital leaders. Visit the Hospitals in Pursuit of Excellence website to learn more about this strategic platform or download a PDF of the report.

April 2009
Hospitals & Health Networks