New Intalere Illuminated Path Podcast Focuses on Technology, Benchmarking, Logistics in the Supply Chain

Contact: Evan Danis
  Sr. Director, Corporate Communications

St. Louis (October 23, 2017) - Intalere, the healthcare industry leader in delivering optimal cost, quality and clinical outcomes, recently released the latest episode of its Illuminated Path podcast series, part 2 of a discussion with President and CEO Julius Heil on building a comprehensive supply chain strategy.

In this episode of Illuminated Path, host Lori Pilla, vice president of Intalere Supply Chain Solutions, and Heil discuss the changing landscape in IT security, logistics and distribution, and its impact on both suppliers and providers. Their conversation frequently refers back to the importance of benchmarking and why it is so critical to the success of supply chain management. 

“Benchmarking is critical. It is everything in supply chain, and it is everything in actually solving a lot of the problems that healthcare has today,” said Heil. “Because you don't know what you don't know. If you're sitting in a vacuum making decisions and believing that you're doing the right thing without the benefit of the knowledge that has come before you, or that is happening simultaneously to you making that decision, you don't have all of the information you need.”

In terms of data and technology, Heil cautions that relevance and actionability are most important, as opposed to sheer volume. “In order to be usable, data has to be valid, relevant, timely and salient in the regard that it's positioned and digestible for me to make a decision right here, right now.” he said. “There are a lot of big data initiatives in other industries that have absolutely failed because people try to boil the ocean. That's not what it's all about. It's about getting the right information to the right people at all levels in the organization and getting the right technology that supports that.”

The podcast also touches on the importance of comprehensive supply chain programs in a value-based healthcare world. “These programs become critical. You can talk to the doctor, the physician and the nurses about how you're going to make their jobs easier, and you're going to give them a vehicle and a conduit to come back and make sure they have what they need when they need it. You're going to educate everybody in the system so that everybody understands and incentives become more aligned. That's the only way we can actually use supply chain to change outcomes and to change the future of healthcare,” Heil said.

The second installment of the comprehensive supply chain podcast is the fifth episode in the Intalere series entitled, Illuminated Path, shining a light on healthcare's best operational practices. Earlier episodes feature the importance of provider organizations and physicians educating themselves on MACRA, shared decision-making in the supply chain and value analysis. You can listen to all episodes and subscribe to Illuminated Path via iTunes or anywhere you subscribe to podcasts.

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