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About GLN Registry

What is the GLN Registry?
The GLN Registry for Healthcare provides a comprehensive and accurate list of healthcare facilities, with corresponding Global Location Numbers (GLNs) in the United States. Subscribers, which include hospitals, healthcare manufacturers, and distributors, are able to access an updated and accurate list of industry manufacturers, distributors, retailers, hospitals, clinics, and retail and mail-order pharmacies to ensure the accuracy of their supply chain activities. The enhanced data integrity allows healthcare providers and suppliers to improve collaborative commerce activities in key electronic commerce processes such as invoicing and logistics.

The GLN Registry was established in 2004 to help drive down supply chain costs for the U.S. healthcare industry. The Registry acts as a catalyst for expanded use of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and Extensible Markup Language (XML) and all the related efficiencies they bring to healthcare. The GLN is a globally recognized identification number used in the GS1 System to identify legal entities, trading partners, and customer locations in electronic commerce activities. Expressed as a 13-digit data structure, the GLN provides globally unique identification of a functional entity, such as a nursing station; a physical entity, such as a warehouse or a hospital wing; or a legal entity or trading partner, such as a specific company or supplier.