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About GS1 and Standards

What is GS1?
GS1 US™ is a proactive partner enabling standards-based solutions. For more than 35 years, the GS1 system of global supply chain standards has delivered proven results in many industries including the groundbreaking U.P.C. in retail. Now the U.S. healthcare industry is leveraging the value of GS1 Standards to improve patient safety and supply chain efficiency.

GS1 Healthcare US, an industry group comprised of members from across the healthcare supply chain, is actively driving the adoption of GS1 Standards to enhance business processes and bring many benefits to healthcare, including:

  • Patient Safety Benefits – Efficient bedside verification, reduced medication errors, more effective product recalls
  • Supply Chain Efficiency Benefits – Improved order and invoice processes, accurate contract pricing and rebate processing, improved service levels/fill rate and inventory management
  • Regulatory Compliance – Medical device identification, efficient drug traceability, effective electronic health records

What are the GS1 Standards?
GS1 provides established standards that enable the sharing of standardized product and location information to ensure that all supply chain partners are using identical, up-to-date, reliable data. GS1 standards in healthcare address the major issues for the industry’s value chain – patient safety, supply chain efficiency and regulatory compliance.

Patient safety benefits will include efficient bedside verification, reduced medication errors, and more effective product recalls. Supply chain efficiencies will include smoother order and invoice processes, more accurate contract pricing and rebate processing, and improved service/fill rate and inventory management. Regulatory compliance areas being addressed are medical device identification, efficient drug traceability, and effective electronic health records.

The standards include:

  • Global Trade Item Number® (GTIN®) - a standardized number (similar to a U.P.C. symbol) used to uniquely identify manufactured products at each packaging level.
  • Global Location Number (GLN) - a standardized number used to uniquely identify healthcare provider and supplier locations.
  • Global Data Synchronization Network - which stores GTIN and GLN data, allowing users to access information regarding products, including changes and updates.

Source: GS1