Intalere's Supplier Program

About GTIN

How will GTINs change my organization and the industry?
The use of Global Trade Item Numbers® (GTIN®) to uniquely identify all products within the healthcare industry will have a dramatic impact on patient safety and operational efficiency. The use of standardized product identification ensures the accuracy of product information, at every level of packaging, throughout the healthcare supply chain from manufacturer to point-of-care. Reliable product data enables more effective product recalls, efficient traceability and improved business processes.

Benefits of GTIN include:

  • Accurate identification of products from point-of-origin to point-of-care
  • Enhances BPOC and Automatic Data Capture systems
  • Enhances inventory management
  • Facilitates more effective product recalls
  • More efficient payment and reporting processes
  • Streamlines chargeback and rebate processing
  • Improves order and invoice accuracy
  • Improves staff utilization and productivity
  • Supports current FDA regulations (Barcode Rule) and guidance (Standardized Numerical Identification/SNI)

What is the GTIN sunrise date?
The industry-wide initiative to adopt GTIN in place of custom product numbers to standardize healthcare product identification is by December 31, 2012. Learn more.

Intalere will provide access to GTIN information for all contracted items on Intalere Member Resources – Intalere’s member-only website – and contract information systems. We are currently participating in several pilot programs and have subscribed to the 1Sync data pool. As GTIN’s and their defined set of core attributes become available through the data pools, Intalere will make these elements available through Member Resources.