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Whether the focus is on a quality best practice or streamlining costs, Intalere executive briefings / white papers are written by experts who understand the challenges facing the healthcare industry today with the intent to provide information that you can use to do your job.

10 Steps to Improving Labor Productivity

Learn more about how to create a process for streamlining your labor costs without sacrificing the quality of patient care.
Published December 2016
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Benchmarking to Maximize Reimbursement and Profitability

Make big data work for you. Deliver savings through data analysis. Education is a number one priority. Learn more in this executive report now.
Published May 2016
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Elevating the Health of Healthcare: A Four Step Guide

Learn the four areas of importance in seeking to elevate the operational health of your facility in this Intalere whitepaper.
Published January 2016
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Are You Protected? The Seven Steps to HIPAA Security

Find out what you can do to improve and prepare for data breach prevention or post breach remediation in this white paper.
Published November 2015
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The Four Pillars of Population Health Management

This white paper explores the essential building blocks of a strong population health management program - planning and strategy, network development, practice transformation and care coordination.
Published October 2015
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Physician Alignment - Solving the PPI Program

Starting in January 2016 in 75 cities, CMS is changing the way they reimburse for joint replacement. Our white paper tells you how and what you can do to prepare for this change.
Published September 2015
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The Economics of Mobile Health

As healthcare facilities continue to develop new paths to reducing costs while improving the quality of care, the inclusion of mobile health solutions in new care plans offers some of the best opportunities, not only for cost avoidance, but also to realize new avenues to revenue generation. This white paper examines mobile health’s potential.
Published August 2015
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Benchmarking to Maximize Reimbursement and Profitability

Request this Intalere executive summary report which examines the process of benchmarking and how it can be used to tell a story that can help you maximize reimbursement and profitability.
Published May 2015
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5 Building Blocks of a Successful Workforce Program

Download this Intalere white paper to get tips on reducing and controlling labor costs, creating a high performance workforce and effective hiring.
Published April 2015
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The Evolving Frontier of Telehealth

Download the Intalere white paper to learn important information about telehealth, including what is driving its need and growth, and what some of the building blocks are for current and future success.
Published February 2015
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Five Ways to Optimize Your Supply Chain

Representing 25 percent of a healthcare provider’s budget, the supply chain holds significant opportunities for savings. That’s why it’s critical for providers to reduce high-dollar supply chain inefficiencies. Check out the five ways to optimize your supply chain by Intalere's Lori Pilla, Vice President, Intalere Clinical Advantage and Supply Chain Optimization, and Shannon Wheeler, Project Manager, Benchmarking and Analytics.
Published Oct. 2014
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Purchased Services Contracting: What You Need to Know

Thirty percent of a facility’s spend, including capital, leases and other operating expenses is ripe for inclusion in a formal program to manage your purchased services, so this category of expense does represent a significant opportunity to impact your bottom line. Just like supplies, every dollar you save here will go directly and fully to the bottom line. Request this white paper for information on defining purchased services, identifying potential impact and value of a successful purchased services program and much more.
Published Oct. 2014
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Reducing Hospital Readmissions

As healthcare moves from a volume-based system to one focused on value, readmissions have become a focal point of reform. Don’t miss this white paper that provides a current update on the issue, covering challenges that impact readmissions, risk factors for readmissions, government and private initiatives to reduce readmissions, and resources and best practice case studies that have been successful.
Published May 2014
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Transforming the Healthcare Organization through Process Improvement

Published April 2014
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The Benefits of Healthcare Benchmarking: How To Measure and Beat the Competition

Benchmarking is a topic that continues to trend in the news daily – not only in healthcare, but in a wide range of industries. With the advent of a pay-for performance model, healthcare providers will be measured against certain indicators and their peers, so the importance of benchmarking and consistent measurement will gain further importance. This Intalere whitepaper offers effective strategies that can help you improve efficiency and performance.
Published October 2013
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