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Studer Group

As part of our ongoing mission to provide cost-effective services and solutions that will help you achieve improvements in clinical outcomes, patient safety, operational quality and regulatory compliance, we have partnered with Studer Group®, a premier professional services firm that helps healthcare providers achieve cultural transformation to deliver and sustain exceptional improvement in clinical outcomes and financial results. A recipient of the 2010 Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award, Studer Group, a Huron Healthcare solution, partners with organizations to get the foundation right so we can build a sustainable culture that promotes accountability, fosters innovation, and consistently delivers a great patient experience and the best quality outcomes over time.

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Due to Intalere’s unique collaboration with Studer Group (AS10196), Intalere members receive significant savings on the following solutions:

Coaching Partnerships

Studer Group coaches hospitals and healthcare systems to install an execution framework called Evidence-Based LeadershipSM that aligns goals, actions and processes. This framework creates the foundation that enables providers to transform the way they provide care and, ultimately:

  • Accelerates the rate of improvement and efficiency in clinical care
  • Maximizes reimbursements
  • Leads to favorable CAHPS results, including HCAHPS, CG CAHPS, ED CAHPS and more
  • Reduces the occurrences of hospital-acquired conditions and preventable readmissions
  • Positions the organization to facilitate the successful creation of an ACO

Members who form a coaching partnership with Studer Group also have exclusive access to the Studer Group Learning Lab. This repository of high-impact tactics—many of them based on "best practices" harvested and refined inside our national resource of partner organizations—is proven to help partners achieve and sustain outstanding results. Included are videos, leadership articles and other resources that help partners further accelerate performance.

Software Accelerators

Studer Group’s proprietary software tools are designed to help healthcare providers further accelerate performance.

  • Leader Evaluation ManagerSM is a web-based application that automates the goal setting and performance review process for all leaders, while ensuring that the performance metrics of individual leaders are aligned with the overall goals of the organization. By using Leader Evaluation Manager®, both leaders and their supervisors will clearly understand from the beginning of the year what goals need to be accomplished to achieve a successful annual review, can plan quarterly tasks with completion targets under each goal and view monthly report cards to manage progress. The Validation Matrix is designed to automate and centralize the "always" execution of essential Evidence-Based LeadershipSM behaviors we know are linked to our ability to drive outcomes. As a component of your current Leader Evaluation Manager® application or as a standalone product, the Validation Matrix is used to enhance the process of reviewing performance within the context of the Monthly Meeting Model. The primary goal of this is to take alignment and accountability to the next level.
  • Provider Feedback SystemSM is an application that helps organizations partner with physicians to create alignment with overall organization goals. By using Provider Feedback System?, organizations can partner with physicians to create and track metrics and have ongoing feedback sessions to achieve better quality care and outcomes aligned to the organizations.
  • Patient Call Manager?: The Clinical Call System is one of Studer Group’s most important tools for making patients an integral part of the collaborative care team. It is designed to extend care outside the hospital walls—both before patients enter the hospital or practice, and after they go home. Patient Call Manager, when implemented in the context of Studer Group’s coaching expertise, represents the next generation of care designed to provide touch points as a patient navigates your healthcare system.
  • Studer Group Rounding aligns to the organization’s rounding goals and objectives. Studer Group’s coaching process, when implemented alongside Studer Group Rounding, accelerates and improves the impact of this Must Have® process.


Studer Conferences are multi-day interactive learning events with focused tracks on specific areas of the healthcare system. Each conference includes internationally renowned keynote speakers and tracks hosted by Studer Group content experts. “How-to” workshops provide attendees with direct access to experts and are guaranteed to help you build key skill sets, create better outcomes and leave with a ready-to-execute plan.


Each year, Studer Group releases a monthly webinar to share knowledge and practical experience on a variety of timely and relevant topics. These virtual events are presented by professionals from leading healthcare organizations, as well as by Studer Group senior leaders and performance experts. Each is packed with high-impact tactics proven to get real results and provide better patient care.


Studer Group strives to inform healthcare workers of prescriptive to-dos and inspire passion that will encourage action to create change. In more than 30 published books, Studer Group provides tools and inspiration to make healthcare better for employees, patients and physicians. Bulk discounts on books are available to Intalere members.