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Solutions to Solve Your Healthcare Pain Points

Intalere’s newly formed Solutions Group was created to assist healthcare organizations with addressing and overcoming their pain points and challenges—by utilizing our consultative solutions.

We want to partner with you to deliver results—and to help you get back into the business of medicine. As part of our consultative solutions, we offer a full range of clinical and business consulting assessments:

  • Supply Chain
  • Business Intelligence Data
  • Physician Preference
  • IT/Telecommunications
  • Energy and Facilities
  • Financial Management
  • Enterprise Risk Management
  • Labor and Operational Efficiencies
    • Pharmacy
    • Laboratory
    • Diagnostic Imaging
  • Nutrition

In addition, we are proud to offer you a full spectrum of clinical and operational solutions that enable healthcare providers to optimize patient care through quality, operational and financial enhancement and to overcome healthcare challenges.

Current Consultative Solutions


WellTrackONE Increases Annual Wellness Visits (AWV) for a physician practice via a software program. Primary care, family and Internist physicians. Acute and Non-acute. Grow practice revenue by increasing Medicare Annual Wellness Visits. Preventative medicine for patients.

Learn more about WellTrackONE

CircleLink Health Enrolls chronic care patients into a chronic care management program.  Primary care, family and Internist physicians. Acute and Non-acute. Capture chronic care management. Medicare reimbursement. Improves patient outcomes.

Learn more about CircleLink Health

Medpricer Optimizes sourcing and acquisition of purchased service spend. Acute care facilities. 24% savings potential

Learn more about Medpricer

Intalere OptiMIM Advantage Software that manages item master data. Acute care facilities. Trusted source of data, improves operational efficiencies, leverages data, increases reimbursement data.

Learn more about Intalere OptiMIM Advantage

Intalere OptiPrice Advantage Powered by BroadJump Real-time price transparency into supplier pricing, peer comparison. Acute care facilities. Real-time product cost transparency to help providers capture savings on medical and surgical supply costs.

Learn more about Intalere OptiPrice Advantage


Assessment to identify areas in processes to lower non-labor spend. Cost reduction and cost avoidance. All facilities. Develop strategy and solutions that deliver optimal cost, quality and clinical outcomes: Supply Chain, PPI, Inventory, Logistics, Six Sigma, Staffing, Risk Management and organizational structure.

Learn more about Supply Chain Consulting

Intalere Insurance Services Savings on employer sponsored life and disability. Purchase additional professional liability. Acute and Non-acute. 10-25% savings on employer sponsored life and disability and purchase additional professional liability insurance.

Learn more about Intalere Insurance Services

EM Advantage

Powered by 1stHealthSystems

Quantitative methodology software tool set for assigning appropriate visit levels and managing charge assignment for all Emergency Department visits. Acute care facilities. Increase in net revenue is $15-$30 per visit due to inappropriate undervaluing emergency services. In extreme cases, the undervaluation can exceed $100 per visit.

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