Intalere AccuPrice® is proprietary analysis software that reviews invoice data to quickly identify and resolve unfavorable variances on its members’ medical surgical, laboratory, nutrition and pharmacy purchases. 

Many healthcare professionals experience pain in their supply chains because they have no efficient way of verifying correct prices charged for their purchases. With AccuPrice, Intalere is able to deliver realistic and actionable information that can help you and your organization manage its costs. By identifying and resolving pricing variances as quickly as possible, future errors are eliminated and overall price accuracy improves.

With AccuPrice, Intalere members receive:

  • Master Profile Maintenance – an accurate customized profile listing the price for each product purchased from the Intalere portfolio, considering your organization's class of trade, mark-up/discounts, tier levels, signed forms, etc. 
  • Report Distribution and Analysis – a suite of reports that are sent either daily, weekly or monthly with detailed analysis of specific issues. 
  • Value Report – an executive level report summarizing a facility’s most current invoice information and credits found through AccuPrice for the current year to date and the prior two years.
  • Assistance from Intalere – an Intalere program manager who will work with you and your organization to review and resolve any price errors.

AccuPrice is available for the following supply chain areas. Click on each link to learn more: