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Altius Healthcare Consulting Group

Altius Healthcare Consulting Group 
Altius Healthcare Consulting Group* provides a dynamic productivity and labor management system that brings practical and sustainable business performance improvements and cost-savings to a variety of healthcare organizations.

This comprehensive three-phase process includes benchmarking, implementation and monitoring. Typical results are $1-$2M in cost-savings for every 50 beds, between 4-8 percent of savings in Total Labor Expenditure, and an ROI exceeding 10:1.

Gain Control of Labor Costs

Labor expenses can be reduced by identifying operational inefficiencies and properly aligning staff with demand. Through a detailed analysis of relevant data, customized targets are developed, current span of control is assessed, and a practical realization timeline is established. This provides leadership with the necessary tools to achieve maximum improvements. Our experienced team guides seamless implementation through management education and continuous monitoring, making the approach more effective.

Improve Productivity

By utilizing peer comparisons and analyzing historical trends, sources of labor variance are identified and cost-savings potential optimized. Realistic targets, focused education and training, strong implementation tools, and bi-weekly reporting facilitate meaningful improvements. Through these unique features organizational and operational goals are achieved.

Sustain Performance

Quarterly progress updates foster continuous improvement so real-time decisions can be made and established productivity levels maintained. The integration of departmental productivity targets into an organization's position control system and annual budgeting process limits regress and controls future growth.

Program Highlights

  • Historical trending
  • Benchmarking against regional, state, national and customized peers
  • Management education
  • Implementation of "Best Practice" standards across the organization
  • Ongoing monitoring and education
  • Productivity and budget alignment
  • Operational Assessment: comprehensive review of each department that extends far beyond staffing and web-based payment management

*Altius Healthcare Consulting Group was previously known as American Healthcare Solutions.