Financial Management Solutions

Craneware Revenue Integrity Solutions®

Through Intalere's strategic partnership with Craneware, healthcare providers save on the full range of Craneware Revenue Integrity Solutions® and can access the Professional Services team to ensure successful implementations and providing ongoing support.

Craneware is the leader in automated revenue integrity solutions that improve financial performance for healthcare organizations. Craneware’s market-driven, SaaS solutions help hospitals and other healthcare providers more effectively price, charge, code and retain earned revenue for patient care services and supplies. This optimizes reimbursement, increases operational efficiency and minimizes compliance risk. With Craneware, clients achieve the visibility required to identify, address and prevent revenue leakage. 

Award Winning Solutions
Craneware has been developing the tools to help hospitals achieve revenue integrity since 1999, when it introduced the world’s first automated chargemaster management software. Chargemaster Toolkit® continues to set the standard, ranking No. 1 in KLAS for the last seven years, and Bill Analyzer has ranked No. 1 in KLAS for the second year in a row. In addition, Chargemaster Toolkit®, Chargemaster Corporate Toolkit®, Bill Analyzer, Online Reference Toolkit®, and Interface Scripting Module are Peer Reviewed by HFMA.

These are just a part of the range of software that together give visibility into the financial data hospitals need to not just survive, but thrive:

  • Chargemaster Toolkit, Chargemaster Corporate Toolkit, Chargemaster Toolkit - CAH
  • Pharmacy ChargeLink®
  • Online Reference Toolkit
  • Bill Analyzer
  • Patient Charge Estimator®
  • Supplies ChargeLink®