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Community Analytics was designed to assist hospitals and public health organizations better understand the needs and assets of their communities. It represents a valuable resource that can add to an existing framework of tools for the collection and analysis of data, aiding in the development of a Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA), and ultimately providing a roadmap for making measurable improvements in community health and well-being.

Understanding and analyzing the health of a community is a challenging and difficult process. The DataBay Resources Community Analytics application assists in the development of a more meaningful CHNA report by helping to:

  • Define the community served by the hospital facility
  • Provide up-to-date demographics
  • Identify primary and chronic disease needs
  • Map existing healthcare facilities and resources
  • Segment population into lifestyle and psychographic clusters

DataBay Resources Community Analytics can help any healthcare organization, anywhere in the U.S. better understand and manage their community-level health and population data. It provides an in-depth analysis of demographic and socio-economic profiles, lifestyle and psychographic segmentation, and offers a better way to visualize the potential disease and diagnosis trends by ZIP Code. Community Analytics can also help eliminate much of the time and effort required to gather, cleanse and prepare the necessary documentation prior to publication. If reducing departmental workload and simplifying the process of completing your CHNA is important, contact us today for a no obligation demonstration.