Intalere Financial Management Solutions

Healthcare Financial Management Solutions

Delivering as much as a 5 percent increase in cash collections, Intalere's healthcare financial management solutions present opportunities for predictable cash flow and significant increases in operating margins. Identify and implement margin improvement initiatives in each phase of patient interacton – from pre-encounter scheduling to final charges collection and account management.

Intalere partners with the most experienced, committed suppliers with the latest information technologies to solve complex revenue cycle problems. Through assessment, implementation services and software, healthcare providers achieve quantifiable, hard-dollar gains.

Healthcare providers use Intalere's solutions to:

  • Increase net revenue
  • Increase net collection percentage
  • Reduce the cost of collections
  • Make cash flow more predictable

Intalere Strategic Alliance for Financial Efficiency

The Intalere Strategic Alliance for Financial Efficiency (SAFE) is a partnership of a select group of leading revenue cycle management and financial performance suppliers. It’s a unique collaboration designed to optimize revenue capture including scheduling, pre-registration, charge capture and entry, coding and collections, AR management and remittance processing.

Through Intalere, these award-winning solutions are available cost-effectively—so you can align the solutions your organization needs to reduce costs, generate revenue and achieve financial health to best serve your communities.

Getting Started

Intalere Revenue Capture Specialists are experts with years of practical and managerial experience. They are available to assist you with assessment and implementation of software and other resources and solutions. Contact us today to learn more about Intalere’s cost reduction solutions, including access to SAFE.