Item Enhancement service

Item Enhancement Service

Hospitals today are being challenged to transform their supply chains to meet requirements for improved patient outcomes and the need to deliver healthcare services in a more efficient manner. At the core of a supply chain management data architecture is the hospital’s item master and the taxonomy of the medical items. If this data is disorganized and contains errors and duplicate entries, then it will be very difficult for supply chain professionals to improve operations and control costs in their facilities. Streamlining the item master will help an organization attain transparency of its medical surgical supplies and support trending of utilization. It’s a necessary step to developing an integrated supply chain management system that aims to reduce costs, improve efficiency and enhance patient safety and clinical outcomes.

Intalere Item Enhancement Service provides standardization and synchronization of an organization’s medical surgical item master to identify common problem areas of data including:

  • Duplicate entries
  • Inconsistent item descriptions
  • Inconsistent and obsolete manufacturer names
  • Old manufacturer catalog numbers
  • Missing or outdated United Nations Standard Products and Services Code (UNSPSC) assignments

This service will help improve quality of your purchase order data by streamlining subsequent purchases and accounts payable. An accurate item file will also facilitate a clearer view of your spend. Contact us now to learn more about the Intalere Item Enhancement Service!

“Intalere Item Enhancement Service enables health systems to identify and implement supply chain improvement initiatives that increase operating margins and return funds to the bottom line.”