Data Analytics Tools

Opportunity Report

Intalere recently launched its new Opportunity Report program. The program, powered by Intalere Diagnostix tools, provides a fast and in-depth view of a variety of savings opportunities.

The Opportunity Report is best suited for smaller providers or for providers that may have received an Intalere Savings Roadmap within the last six months and are looking to maintain momentum and focus on the available opportunities.

As with the Roadmap, the Opportunity Report highlights areas of opportunity for the provider. Those opportunities range from savings that can be quickly and easily realized by signing a Letter of Commitment, to conversion opportunities. All of the information is contained in the easy-to-read report.

The Opportunity Report is designed to provide a fast, yet actionable mechanism to respond to customer requests for a spend analysis of their purchase transactions. Key aspects of this tool include the provision of recommended actions as well as summary data at the contract spend level. Because of its advanced automated analytics, Opportunity Reports can typically be generated within days of the receipt of provider purchase data. Intalere’s Value Optimization and Member Solutions teams then work with the member to create and implement a plan to realize the identified savings.