DIQ Review

DI Q Review

Medical facilities can maximize savings on diagnostic imaging capital equipment purchases with Intalere Dl Q Review (Diagnostic Imaging Quote Review), a no-cost, confidential program that verifies you are getting the best Intalere price. Some of our member facilities have saved up to 15 percent off the quoted price on imaging equipment.

Maximize Your Savings

This unique program ensures that your facility receives the maximum benefits, discounts and services available through Intalere contracts, TargetBuys and supplier sales promotions.

Intalere Dl Q Review is a process that takes just minutes for you to initiate. And since Intalere's contracting specialists provide the service, Intalere Dl Q Review frees up valuable staff time in your facility, and Intalere becomes your advocate if there are issues with the purchase, installation and/or operation of your equipment.

How It Works

  • Members submit any diagnostic imaging capital equipment quotation received from an Intalere contracted supplier for review.
  • The quote is evaluated to ensure that it is consistent with the terms and conditions of current Intalere contracts, promotions and TargetBuys. All quotes are reviewed within eight business days, with Intalere's strong commitment to customer service and satisfaction on your side.

In addition to the quote review, Intalere evaluates any savings opportunities on peripheral products and presents them to the member for consideration.

Contact us today to learn more about Intalere Dl Q Review at 877-711-5600.