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Supplier Selection Criteria

Intalere has a unique philosophy within the group purchasing industry, which is, where possible, to offer our members a choice in contract suppliers. Our dual-source philosophy allows our members to build their formularies with products and services that meet their needs. However, we will actively seek out single source agreements, if they are appropriate for a specific product category.

Intalere continually looks for opportunities to provide new technologies, products and services for our membership. Our objective is to present a portfolio that is very competitive and supports the products that members desire for patient care.

We use a competitive contract development process utilizing a number of contracting tools to achieve our goals. Fundamental to our contract development is the competitive bid evaluation process. Contracting tools include, but are not limited to, Intalere Choice, Intalere Clinical Advantage, Intalere Custom Contracting and negotiation, where appropriate.

Additionally, Intalere requires the use of GS1 standards to improve supply chain efficiencies, patient safety and quality of care. Visit the GS1 website to access the Healthcare Supplier Tool Kit for more information.

Become a Supplier

To apply for becoming an authorized Intalere Supplier, follow these steps:

  1. Register with Ariba. Intalere has partnered with Ariba for their contract management system and ALL suppliers must be registered with Ariba. This is at no cost to the supplier.

  2. Review the Bid Process Overview.

  3. Review the Bid Calendar. Intalere has an open bid philosophy, and all suppliers are welcome to bid on any category that they have. To begin, review the Intalere bid calendar for your product category and then send an e-mail to the appropriate address by clicking the link next to the category.

  4. Submit an RFP. Intalere will review your submission and determine if you will be selected to become an authorized Intalere Supplier.

Innovation and New Technology

Intalere is committed to providing our members access to appropriate innovative or new technology companies that are interested in partnering with us. To ensure true member benefit, acceptance of innovative or new technology into our portfolio is determined by the Member Input Board review and evaluation process. Check out more information on our Innovation and New Technology program.