Custom Contracting

Intalere Custom Contracting

Save up to 15 percent on targeted purchases by committing volume to a single supplier

Health systems, integrated delivery networks (IDNs) and regional health alliances use Intalere Custom Contracting custom contracts to maximize savings in high-impact areas.

Set the Direction

You set the strategy, so each custom contracting effort targets a high-dollar, high-volume product with significant impact on the bottom line.

Select the Suppliers

Intalere supports its contracted suppliers and encourages members to consider them first. In most circumstances, your team designates the group of clinically acceptable suppliers, maximizing utilization of the final contract.

Take Advantage of Intalere's Expertise

Your team works together with your Intalere account representative and Intalere's contracting staff to set project goals and develop the Intalere Custom Contracting contract.

Count on Intalere to:

  • Conduct the RFP process.
  • Handle back-office activities.
  • Provide assistance identifying target projects.
  • Assist with supplier evaluation.
  • Monitor contract compliance.

Gain Competitive Advantage

Each Intalere Custom Contracting contract represents a unique savings agreement that gives your organization a competitive advantage. The contracts are exclusive to the initiating healthcare provider and not available to other Intalere members. Confidentiality is assured throughout the process. Only Intalere and the supplier have access to your information.

Contact Intalere now to start saving with custom contracting solutions.