Intalere eSourcing solutions

Intalere and MedPricer eSourcing Solutions

Intalere is proud to offer an exclusive agreement with MedPricer, the industry leader in healthcare eSourcing, to provide cloud-based contract negotiation and bidding process solutions to members.

What is eSourcing?

eSourcing is a fast, efficient and effective way to negotiate a new contract or renegotiate an existing one. Using MedPricer’s process gives healthcare providers a new level of organizational control over that negotiation.

Since paper Requests for Proposal (RFPs) are so common, vendors know how to control the process. eSourcing takes vendors out of their comfort zone with MedPricer helping hospitals manage the RFP process, identifying likely vendor candidates and giving the hospital or health system power over the negotiation.

By using a live negotiation, healthcare organizations have the ability to do “on the fly” analytics and provide immediate feedback and inquiries that assist vendors in providing better value, driving vendors to submit increasingly stronger offers.

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