Facility Management solutions

Healthcare Facility Management

Collaborating with you to create and deliver unique cost saving alternatives for your facility's needs

The Intalere Healthcare Facility Management team includes experts in construction, renovation and interior design, energy solutions and plant engineering. They have years of practical and managerial experience and are available to assist you with healthcare supply chain management including product selection, sourcing solutions and product specification. The team also can guide interactions with contractors, architects and interior designers to maximize contract utilization and savings throughout the project.

Healthcare Construction Renovation and Interior Design

Involve Intalere in your construction/renovation project and you’ll have additional resources and guidance to help you make even better decisions throughout the process. The program is designed to offer the following:

  • 12-18 percent savings potential depending on where the member engages Intalere in the process.
  • Choices in vendors to maximize opportunity to have an impact based on specifications.
  • Top 2–3 suppliers in each construction division code as vetted through an extensive competitive contracting process.
  • Utilization of local contractors and vendors throughout the process by engaging the manufacturers to drive bid pricing down through their organizations to local participants.
  • Audit capability at the general contractor level to track sales.

Healthcare Energy Solutions

As the pursuit of renewable and sustainable energy alternatives continues to grow, so does Intalere's commitment to meet your present and future energy management and conservation challenges. Intalere Choice® Energy Solutions offers innovative services and technical expertise to help your healthcare facility reduce energy consumption, resulting in cost savings and increased energy efficiency.

Intalere Choice Energy Solutions provides the following energy management and conservation services for existing healthcare facilities and new construction:

Healthcare Plant Engineering

To maximize performance of their existing systems and get the most from plant upgrades, healthcare providers turn to the Intalere plant engineering portfolio.

Through Intalere’s plant engineering portfolio, healthcare providers save on the full range of products and services required to maintain a high-performance plant. The portfolio includes:

Capital Equipment Planning and Procurement

Download Our Executive Summary: How to Build a Successful Equipment Planning and Procurement Solution for Your Healthcare Facility

The Intalere Capital Equipment Planning and Procurement Services Solution, powered by Mitchell Planning, is at the forefront of the medical device industry with insight into the newest devices emerging on the market today. As advisors to hospitals across the world, Mitchell has a daily pulse of manufacturer costs, product feedback and vendor installation performance.

The Intalere Capital Equipment Planning and Procurement Services Solution includes:

  • Medical equipment master plan – Provides an objective, multi-year capital forecast of equipment costs which integrates annual capital funding for equipment upgrades and replacements and project funded equipment for expansion and renovations.
  • Medical equipment planning – Programming/schematic design, design development and construction documents.
  • Procurement RFP development, pricing analysis, negotiations, requisitions/POs and expediting/tracking.
  • Installation and relocation management
  • Capital budget analysis and reporting
  • Annual capital planning
  • Dedicated procurement consultant
  • Value Point Mitchell’s Concierge Price Benchmarking Service analyzes medical capital equipment quotes for routine annual purchases and planned projects. Value Point is powered by Mitchell’s procurement database of approximately $500M in annual medical equipment investments encompassing the most comprehensive collection of actual prices paid for medical equipment.  Value Point stands to offer clients the industry’s only final landed cost benchmarking service where facilities utilizing Value Point typically realize an additional 7-10 percent cost savings on medical equipment purchases.