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Intermountain Committed Contract Portfolio

Your organization can achieve operational excellence in the supply chain with the Intermountain Committed Contract Portfolio (iCCP).

This program has been developed through processes that have made Intermountain Healthcare the leader in healthcare supply chain expertise.

  • Validated cost reduction of 10 percent.
  • Process improvement.
  • Standardization and elimination of variation.
  • Reviewed and validated high-quality clinical items to assist in consistent successful patient outcomes.
  • Consultative assistance in establishing programs, processes and governance.
Cost Reduction through the iCCP

What can a possible 10 percent supply chain cost reduction mean in real terms? 

Here are results for a facility with an annual operating expense of $100 million, supply chain expenses of $33 million. 

Supply Chain Reduction New Operating Margin
7 percent + 2.31
10 percent  + 3.30
12 percent  + 3.96