Nutrition-Food Service Supply Chain Solutions

Healthcare Nutrition & Foodservice Solutions

Competitive, flexible contract portfolio benefits and industry best-practice guidance to aid in streamlining and improving foodservice operations

Choose Intalere, and you’ll have new resources and guidance to help you make even better decisions across your nutrition business:

  • Manufacturers' net pricing and price protection to stabilize costs on nearly 300 agreements, saving members more than 12 percent on average.
  • AccuPrice® Nutrition, Intalere’s proprietary price auditing solution that quickly identifies and resolves unfavorable pricing variances from primary food distributors.
  • An extensive allowance program including more than 20,000 products and 200 manufacturers - accessed through the Intalere foodservice distributor network - usually returning an average of 1 percent of a facility's total food purchases.
  • Regional agreements for milk, ice cream and bread, and local, sustainable, organic food options, based on member input; regional foodservice and paper distribution also available.
  • Monthly calendar of special events which offers unique theme day suggestions to assist with developing creative foodservice promotions.
  • Discounts on Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Nutrition Care & Pediatric Care manuals providing up-to-date information for your facility and staff.
Our Team

Intalere Nutrition Specialists have years of practical and managerial experience to share with you. They are available to assist with product selection, sourcing solutions, product specification and capital equipment reviews. Contact our team now to start saving on your organization's foodservice needs!