Intalere Pharmacy Solutions


Comprehensive solutions and clinical specialists positioned to maximize cost savings, improve patient outcomes and increase your pharmacy’s operational efficiency

Intalere provides uniquely designed supply chain solutions that offer significant savings opportunities for all Intalere members, typically 3 percent or greater savings over our competitors. Discover what a comprehensive Intalere pharmacy partnership can provide to you:

  • Guaranteed savings of 5-7 percent on pharmacy products and services through the Pharmacy Generic Sourcing Program.
  • 1-3 percent savings to your pharmacy through Decision Rx price management, price auditing and pharmacy optimization reporting.
  • 20 percent average savings and a 1 percent program participation rebate on Intalere Choice products.
  • Contract opportunity reports identify Intalere lowest cost equivalent products for previously purchased items to help reduce costs while also reviewing contract access and supply issues.
  • AccuPrice daily price auditing resource, delivering 1 percent invoice savings upon implementation.
  • A unique clinical support services program to help members improve patient outcomes.
  • Consultative financial performance services.
  • Specialty pharmaceutical products and unique services including technology solutions, network access, and limited distribution products and other patient care services through our specialty pharmacy partnership with Asembia.
  • Outpatient pharmaceutical oncology solution, powered by VitalSource.
  • Comprehensive vaccine and USP<800> solutions encompassing all your product and service needs.
  • Educational resources via member conferences and our PharmAdvisor, eJournal and pharmacy newsletters.


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