Specialty Pharmacy

Specialty Pharmacy

Specialty Pharmacy is the biggest, most rapidly growing spend area in pharmaceuticals with sales expected to reach $100B in 2015. Treatment drugs are classified as “specialty” if the average monthly cost exceeds $1,200, if they require special handling and if they require unique patient follow up. Chances are you’re not filling these vital prescriptions for your specialty patients. That means someone else is. Why send your patients away from your facility? Take control of their care through the Intalere-Asembia partnership.


Improve patient outcomes and reduce readmissions

  • Filling your own specialty scripts means you can deliver high-touch patient interactions, maintaining the health of your population through their various health transitions, increasing their adherence to medications, and providing ongoing monitoring of their serious and/or chronic illnesses.

Increase revenue stream

  • Since specialty pharmacy drug therapies involve high dollar medications — medications you are likely sending outside of your system to be filled — entering the specialty pharmacy space means more revenue opportunities for you.

Retain and win patients

  • When you create your own specialty pharmacy, you become known as the “go-to” pharmacy in the community. Your patients trust your pharmacists because your pharmacists provide the personalized service they seek. With specialty pharmacy access to limited distribution drugs, your pharmacy is able to fill more of your patients’ medications.

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