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Item Master Management

Clean data is critical to maximizing item master management. Clean data can be defined as accurate catalogue fields that reduce transactional discrepancies, promote in-depth organizational reporting and assist in the implementation of standardized product categories across your enterprise. Clean data is always a work in progress, not just an outcome.

Intalere can assist you in implementing the right solutions so that requesters use the requisitioning system as it was intended without resistance. We can help you access solutions that will:

  • Direct end users to the right items at the right price for their specific location and class of trade.
  • Allow requesters to check on the status of their order without calling purchasing.
  • Afford purchasing the opportunity to touch less than 10 percent of requests.
  • Provide line item detail on all spend.
  • Provide better insight into what departments/categories are the biggest violators of off-contract spend.

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