Intalere Spend Management Tools

Revenue Cycle

Delivering as much as a 3-5 percent increase in cash collections, Intalere revenue cycle solutions can improve an organization’s bottom line through access to market-leading suppliers that will assist you to achieve a compelling increase in net cash, with less cost, more patient satisfaction as well as minimum inconvenience and risk. Thanks to aggressive automation and a modern operating model, healthcare providers will not only see better recovery with accounts receivable (A/R), but will realize more work accomplished, with less employees and more productivity.

Choose Intalere, and you’ll have access to leading revenue cycle solutions programs – including best practice strategies, new resources and guidance – to help you make even better decisions and improve your bottom line.

Intalere Revenue Cycle Solutions enable healthcare providers to identify and implement margin improvement initiatives in each phase of patient interaction. Through assessment, implementation and software, providers can make quantifiable, hard-dollar gains in their financial statements. Providers use our tools to:

  • Increase net revenue.
  • Increase net collection percentage.
  • Reduce the cost of collections.
  • Make cash flow more predictable.

Our revenue cycle specialists provide the support you need as you develop strategic plans and support patient care activity. 

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