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Supplier Management

Those in the healthcare supply chain must realize that “beating up” suppliers on price is a profoundly limiting strategy. The tug-of-war between facilities wanting to “buy fewer for less,” and the suppliers wanting to “sell more for more,” creates a zero sum game in which someone will ultimately feel that they have lost.

Success depends increasingly on creative, collaborative partnerships, and setting up a win-win strategy that aligns incentives and enhances business, financial and process objectives.

Intalere focuses on the development of a supplier management process where the objective is an increased level of emphasis placed on proactively managing supplier relationships and developing a framework for measuring the ongoing performance of key suppliers, including performance metrics and analytical tools including supplier scorecards shared process improvements.

It can also include a segmentation strategy where suppliers are generally categorized among managed business relationships, alliances, general procurement or bulk product sourcing based on complexity (in design, logistics or specifications) and value (in dollars spent, criticality to the business and market risk).

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