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Technology Tools

Healthcare leaders, including supply chain managers, have the difficult job of evaluating information from a variety of disparate sources in order to make decisions. Challenged by their administrators to reduce costs and bring more efficiency to services, these managers must often make decisions with inaccurate, incomplete, duplicate, conflicting and/or obsolete data. Poor data quality contributes to poor decision making, increased costs and reduced operating efficiency.

Pertinent, applicable data is the foundation for economic strategy. Using the best data available, along with spend analytic tools, is the foundation to savings and improved bottom lines for any healthcare provider.

Intalere offers customer-focused technology solutions and resources that bring members:

  • Fast, low-cost capture of high-volume, multi-source, multi-attribute data.
  • Cost-effective organization and storage of captured data.
  • Timely trend spotting via statistical analysis.
  • Exceptional user interfaces that help your turn data and analysis into actions that solve business problems.
  • Customization to solve your unique pain points.
  • Service/API-based solutions.
  • Tools that easily plug processes and capabilities seamlessly into your supply chain.

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