The Evolving Frontier of Telehealth

Despite the growing use of telehealth solutions in healthcare, there are still many patients and providers adverse to the changes made inevitable by the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and national debate continues on what the best practices are or will be. What remains an inescapable fact of successful healthcare of the future is the ability to engage patients in their care both before, during and after.

Any successful solution will need to offer the ability to increase access, while controlling costs, enhancing quality and making compliance easier. Telehealth is a solution that, by definition, requires active engagement and significant patient contribution. But with its ability to deliver immediacy of care and minimize the constraints of location, telemedicine shows us that the future of healthcare is, partially at least, outside of the traditional brick and mortar environment.
Intalere Telehealth White Paper
Learn the benefits of a successful telehealth program.

This paper covers:

  • What is telehealth?
  • What are its main benefits?
  • What are some basic building blocks of telehealth for current and future success?

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