Group Purchasing Organization

What is a GPO?

GPOs (group purchasing organization) such as Intalere help healthcare providers realize savings by aggregating purchasing volume and using that leverage to negotiate discounts on behalf of members with manufacturers, distributors and vendors.

GPOs work with healthcare providers to save money on virtually everything they buy.

How Can Joining Intalere Benefit You?

Intalere currently has more than 1,600 contracts available. This means you can immediately start saving on items you use every day, like exam gloves, hand sanitizers, alcohol prep pads, exam sheets, test kits and so on.

We offer superior value, flexibility and choice in contracting to ensure you control the savings and financial health of your organization. And our supply chain experts and clinical specialists work directly with you to identify savings opportunities, optimize product standardization and utilization, while also offering the best in customer service, benchmarking and data analytics tools.

Products and Services

  • Vaccines
  • Medical supplies
  • Office supplies
  • Cellular services
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Medical equipment
  • Capital equipment
  • Foodservice / Nutrition
  • Electronic health records
  • Document shredding
  • Office furniture
  • Computers
  • Software
  • And much more