2018 Intalere Executive Forum

Intalere Executive Forum 2018

Evolving Healthcare Delivery in an Era of Disruptive Change

Speaker Bio

Michael Frisina, Ph.D., M.A.

Lieutenant Colonel Frisina has served as an expert in leadership and ethics at The United States Military Academy, The Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences and School of Medicine, and The United States Army Academy of Health Sciences. Prior to entering civilian healthcare, Lieutenant Colonel Frisina served as executive officer of Tripler Army Medical Center, Hawaii, and as consultant to the Army Surgeon General for medical research and development, and to the Department of Defense Human Genome Project. He is a Visiting Fellow in Medical Humanities at the Medical College of Pennsylvania and a Visiting Scholar at The Hastings Center in New York.  
A certified expert in continuous quality improvement methodologies, Dr. Frisina is featured in the prestigious Doing the Right Things Right publication of demonstrated best practice hospitals published by The Joint Commission. He is the author of Influential Leadership – Change Your Behavior, Change Your Organization, Change Health Care. Dr. Frisina will share his insights on leadership, and quality and performance improvement.