Intalere Decision Rx

Intalere Decision Rx® provides you with the data needed to manage pharmacy spend, track contract compliance and identify contract savings opportunities. This web-based tool delivers accurate reporting at every stage of a pharmacy department's workflow from managing pricing, to auditing purchases, to optimizing margins by enabling confident decision making.

PH Consultation Packet

The PH Consultation Packet offers formatted, printer-friendly reports that can be generated automatically and sent directly to your inbox. Report options include:

  • Contract Opportunity Report (COR) – By utilizing Intalere contracted items, you can save significant dollars within your supply chain. This report provides the lowest cost available generic equivalent to a previously purchased item to show the largest amount of savings available. You can see by item where you are not accessing Intalere contracted pricing, allowing you to move to a less expensive product to save money. View Letter of Commitment forms that may need to be signed in order to receive the best level of pricing. Also, determine where supply issues and contract access issues are impacting your purchases.
  • Member Sales by AHFS (Item Breakdown) – This report displays an aggregate dollar amount for purchases by therapeutic classification (AHFS code) and is broken out as three reports in one:
      1. Top 20 AHFS categories by dollar spend.
      2. Item detail of those top 20 categories.
      3. Comprehensive view of all purchases by AHFS category.
  • Sales by Contract Type (Trend) – Obtain summarized Intalere contract compliance data based on the percentage of total sales and total contract sales by month when looking at all available contract types utilized. Also, identify the top 20 items by dollar spend for each contract type utilized.
  • Top 100 Generic Name Report – Provides an overview of purchases for a specified time frame by generic name in a top 100 format inclusive of dosage forms and strengths.

View the Decision Rx sales sheet. Contact us for more information about this valuable tool.