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Intalere Suppliers

At Intalere, we are consistently seeking to maximize our supplier partnerships, providing products and services that place a premium on contract utilization and compliance, growth in market share, market penetration and volume movement.

Intalere is proud to include the finest suppliers in the healthcare industry in our national network of solutions. To ensure a successful partnership, Intalere works together with each supplier to market their products and services. Intalere conducts a formal contract launch campaign that includes print and electronic materials for both Intalere members and sales representatives. Depending on contract level, supplier promotional tactics can include:

Our GPO Philosophy
Intalere has a unique approach within the healthcare group purchasing industry, which is, where possible, to offer our members a choice in contract suppliers. Our dual-source philosophy allows our members some flexibility in building their formularies with products and services that meet their needs. There are situations, however, where we will actively seek out sole-source agreements, if they are appropriate for a specific product category.

We pride ourselves on offering an extremely competitive portfolio of exceptional and varied solutions that bring tremendous benefit to our members. We continually strive to provide new technologies, products and services for our membership, that enable them to find savings opportunities both in product and process.