Ambry CARE Program

Genetic Testing and Family History Assessments Identify Women at High Risk for Breast Cancer Earlier

Intalere has partnered with Ambry Genetics® to provide genetic testing and family history assessments to better identify women who have a high risk of developing breast cancer. 


How It Works

The Ambry CARE Program is a unique, end-to-end, customizable solution to identify high-risk women. 

  • Identification—Use Ambry’s High-Risk Screening Tool to identify high-risk women.
  • Pre-test education—Explain how genetic testing can guide early detection and prevention.
  • Genetic testing—Order tests through Ambry for qualified individuals.
  • Results—Deliver the patient’s test results to the ordering provider.
  • Post-test counseling—Provide patients with genetic counseling to review next steps.
  • Documentation—Increase accuracy, and decrease liability assessment.



  • Provide patients with personalized cancer risk information.
  • Make recommendations for increased screening.
  • Identify at-risk family members.
  • Integrate the program seamlessly into your existing workflow.


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More About the Ambry CARE Program

Founded in 1999, Ambry Genetics is a leader in clinical diagnostic tests and software solutions, combining both to offer comprehensive and high-quality genetic testing. Ambry has performed more than one million genetic tests and identified more than 45,000 mutations in at least 500 different genes. Learn more at


Contact us today to learn more about this solution.

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Our Impact

BYU Student Health Center

It’s never a question of size of facility or amount of the fee that the project will generate, the level of service from Intalere is always high. My challenge is always the most important thing to them.

Brad LeBaron, Administrative Director, BYU Student Health Center

Virginia Mason

Becoming an Intalere supplier was the easiest step of this engagement. Both of our organizations continually look for opportunities to provide new technologies, products and services for healthcare providers. This shared philosophy helped to solidify our partnership.

Scott Hall, National Sales Manager, AMD-Ritmed

Oregon Imaging Centers

The biggest thing is that it was just easy. They worked for us to make this happen…

Justin Thomas, Director of Human Resources, Oregon Imaging Centers