Healthcare Facility Management

Collaborate With Us to Create and Deliver the Unique Cost-Saving Alternatives Your Facility Needs

The Intalere facility management team includes experts in construction, renovation, interior design, energy solutions and plant engineering. They have years of practical and managerial experience and are available to assist you with healthcare facility management challenges including product selection, product specification and sourcing solutions. Our experts can also guide interactions with contractors, architects and interior designers to maximize contract utilization and savings throughout the project.

Healthcare Construction, Renovation and Interior Design


  • See 12-18% savings potential.
  • Get choices in vendors to maximize opportunity.
  • Access our top 2 to 3 suppliers (who have been vetted through an extensive, competitive contracting process) in each construction division code.
  • Utilize our list of local contractors and vendors.
  • Have audit capability at the general contractor level to track sales.


Healthcare Energy Solutions


  • Access our consulting services.
  • Save with our equipment and device procurement services.
  • Benefit from our commodity acquisition services.


Healthcare Plant Engineering


  • Access capital solutions.
  • Compare rates with our benchmarking services.
  • Stay sustainable with our curated lists of environmentally preferable products (EPPs).
  • Get maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) support.
  • Secure medical gases.


Capital Equipment Planning and Procurement (Powered by Mitchell Planning)


  • Receive a strategic medical equipment master plan.
  • Get help with medical equipment planning.
  • Access support with procurement.
  • Advance projects with installation and relocation management.
  • Obtain capital budget analyses and reports.
  • Budget effectively with annual capital planning.
  • Benefit from a dedicated procurement consultant.
  • Analyze quotes with Value Point, Mitchell Planning’s concierge price benchmarking service.


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“Hamilton Memorial Hospital District (HMHD) was able to achieve 10-12% savings on construction costs while enhancing the overall bottom-line revenues because of our relationship with Intalere.” -

Toni Metheney
Purchasing Director
Hamilton Memorial Hospital District

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Our Impact

BYU Student Health Center: Pharmacy assessment

It’s never a question of size of facility or amount of the fee that the project will generate, the level of service from Intalere is always high. My challenge is always the most important thing to them.

Brad LeBaron, Administrative Director, BYU Student Health Center

Virginia Mason

Becoming an Intalere supplier was the easiest step of this engagement. Both of our organizations continually look for opportunities to provide new technologies, products and services for healthcare providers. This shared philosophy helped to solidify our partnership.

Scott Hall, National Sales Manager, AMD-Ritmed

Oregon Imaging Centers

The biggest thing is that it was just easy. They worked for us to make this happen…

Justin Thomas, Director of Human Resources, Oregon Imaging Centers