Intalere OptiAnalytics

Strategic Planning to Drive Performance and Growth Opportunities

These performance insights are designed to continually uncover growth opportunities, identify areas of improvement, evaluate market share and understand population trends.

Intalere OptiAnalytics Spend

Spend Analytics to Drive Procurement Insights

Intalere OptiAnalytics Spend will bring your fragmented procurement data together to help you manage the cost of care, improvement performance and enhance quality of care decisions. You will have the ability to track and identify spend with non-contracted suppliers in categories where a contract may be available. Additionally, you can identify spend within your organization that may be isolated.

How It Works

Maximize efficiency for your procurement functions.

  • You send us your monthly purchasing data.
  • We analyze the data to uncover savings opportunities.
  • Intuitive tool that anyone can use.
  • Two to three week timeline from implementation to results.


OptiAnalytics Spend brings fragmented procurement data together to help you manage the cost of care, improve performance and enhance quality of care decisions.

You'll gain valuable decision making insights including:

  • Contracts that cover uncontracted supplier spend.
  • Which suppliers you are spending the most with.
  • Whether top suppliers are compliant with your standards and regulations.
  • Deeper understanding of your spend across departments.
  • Data visualization and reporting to make better sourcing and supplier decisions.

Intalere OptiAnalytics Navigate

Strategic Planning to Drive Performance and Growth Opportunities

Intalere’s OptiAnalytics Navigate is a powerful strategic planning application that turns state discharge data into actionable analytics, allowing healthcare executives to better understand their service areas and market dynamics.

How It Works

OptiAnalytics Navigate can be utilized once we have access to your state’s discharge data. There is no need for a dedicated analytics team. Our software is extremely intuitive and adaptable for various users such as accounting, financial analysts, supply chain, etc.

  • Customize your dashboard to easily access your most beneficial reports.
  • Access broad reporting and modify filters to your organization’s needs.
  • Take advantage of mapping capabilities and trending by geographical regions.


Quickly analyze inpatient and ambulatory surgery data yielding critical business intelligence. Strategic planners, marketing leaders, financial analysts and senior executives can use this tool to:

  • Determine market share within your service areas vs. your competitors.
  • Forecast trend activity like discharges and LOS over specific time periods.
  • Pinpoint where cases originate and whether they are projected to grow or decline.
  • Assist in provider network development.

Intalere OptiAnalytics

Intalere OptiAnalytics, solutions offering cost, market and service line analytics to drive procurement insights, profitability, performance and growth opportunities. We can help your organization with cost reduction, strategic decision-making, and clinical quality and efficiency.

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Our Impact

BYU Student Health Center

It’s never a question of size of facility or amount of the fee that the project will generate, the level of service from Intalere is always high. My challenge is always the most important thing to them.

Brad LeBaron, Administrative Director, BYU Student Health Center

Virginia Mason

Becoming an Intalere supplier was the easiest step of this engagement. Both of our organizations continually look for opportunities to provide new technologies, products and services for healthcare providers. This shared philosophy helped to solidify our partnership.

Scott Hall, National Sales Manager, AMD-Ritmed

Oregon Imaging Centers

The biggest thing is that it was just easy. They worked for us to make this happen…

Justin Thomas, Director of Human Resources, Oregon Imaging Centers