Benefits of Working with a Hospital Group Purchasing Organization (GPO)

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What Does a Hospital GPO Do?

A Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) can help hospitals obtain discounts from vetted, quality manufacturers, distributors, and suppliers. GPOs use the leverage of members’ purchasing volume to negotiate with suppliers and help hospitals obtain the best products at the best prices. At Intalere, we can typically save our members 10-15% on their healthcare supplies and other purchasing costs. However, we also bring more to the table than preferred pricing on products and services; we also provide value as a true partner.

How a GPO Can Benefit Your Hospital

Here’s how Intalere’s collective buying power can benefit your hospital:

Cost Savings

There are thousands of healthcare suppliers selling medical products to healthcare providers; prices can substantially vary and negotiations are often complicated, making the entire healthcare supply acquisition process complex. 

GPOs provide hospitals with bulk purchasing power by joining them into a larger community and negotiating contracts on their behalf. By working with a hospital GPO, your team saves time and gains efficiencies because when we negotiate contracts for your hospital, we’re able to help you cut costs on individual products and services, as well as costs associated with transactions, vendor evaluation and contract management.

Consistent Pricing from Suppliers

Suppliers like to work with group purchasing organizations, or GPOs because it reduces the costs associated with acquiring new customers. That’s why when you are a GPO member, you’re able to buy at a bulk rate and receive more consistent and stable pricing. Part of our job as a group purchasing organization is to protect healthcare providers from demand-related price hikes; we do this by constantly monitoring market conditions and being on the lookout for any scarcity of products. We’re also always looking for new ways to enhance agreements with suppliers by continuously negotiating our contracts to gain even deeper discounts and improved terms and conditions for our GPO members. 

Increased Efficiencies

While we can help make a positive impact on reduced costs of individual products and services for your hospital, our broader focus on systems and processes creates increased efficiencies across the board. 

Healthcare performance solutions that can be discounted through a GPO include data analysis, market research, innovative technology integration (such as RPA), and much more. All of these services will work to further lower your costs, enable best practices, and improve your hospital’s operations. Efficiency is critical for hospitals, and as a hospital GPO, we will positively guide your long-term plans and establish a mutually beneficial lasting relationship with supplier partners that will help streamline processes and improve your efficiencies. Learn more about our healthcare performance solutions.

Healthcare Purchasing Services

A good hospital GPO should provide your organization with significant benefits and enable your hospital staff to do their jobs more effectively—and focus on patient care— when you partner with Intalere, you get just that. We can connect you with the best healthcare suppliers and prices to save you and your hospital time and money.

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